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Smart Thermostats

Do you currently use a smart or wifi thermostat to control your home’s comfort system? Are you aware of the amazing benefits provided by this groundbreaking technology?

If you aren’t familiar with wifi thermostats, you’ll be happy to know that they might be the key to an energy efficient and comfortable home all year round.

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Whether you refer to it as a wifi thermostat or a smart thermostat, KLM Heating and Cooling is ready to provide your Louisville home with the latest and greatest in home comfort technology.

Our Nexia smart thermostats are leading the charge in innovation when it comes to controlling the comfort of your home.

By connecting to your home’s wifi system, these thermostats allow you full control over the heating and cooling of your home, at any time from any location. Simply open up your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and adjust your system how you see fit.

Just imagine you’re enjoying a vacation far from home, and suddenly you can’t remember if you set your home’s heating or cooling system. With a few clicks of a mouse or taps of a smartphone, you can breathe easy and relax knowing your home isn’t wasting precious energy.

Peace of mind, supreme adjustability, maximum ease of use; what’s not to love about this amazing technology?

Nexia Smart Home System

At KLM Heating and Cooling, we carry smart thermostats that run on the Nexia e. These amazing controls a just one component of a state-of-the-art smart home system.

Read more about a complete smart home from Nexia Home Intelligence here.

A wifi thermostat from Nexia works a component in a wide array of smart home systems.

Why turn your home into a ‘smart’ home? One word: efficiency.


A home connected with groundbreaking smart home technology will operate at maximum efficiency with the greatest of ease.

KLM Heating and Cooling has proudly served Louisville and the surrounding area of for over 2 decades. Our team is trained in the installation and maintenance of smart thermostats.

When you are ready to turn your house into a smart home, give us a call at  502-955-2062 to learn how KLM can get you started.