leaking boiler in Fern Creek, KY

3 Possible Causes of Your Boiler’s Water Leak in Fern Creek, KY

November 28, 2021

A boiler is a significant investment and one that you’ll expect to warm your space throughout the winter season. When your boiler starts leaking, it might be an indicator of a fault that needs immediate attention. Here are some possible causes of your boiler’s water leak in Fern Creek, KY.

1. Pressure Issues

The boiler operates at standard pressure, and when it operates with too much pressure, leakages occur. Boilers have an outlet pipe that releases excess pressure.

When there’s excess pressure inside the boiler, water leaks through the outlet pipe. If you notice this, you’ll need to call a professional to check the boiler and lower the pressure. Avoid handling this job yourself, as you could incur more damages.

2. Corrosion in the Boiler

When your boiler is frequently exposed to water with varying temperatures, the inside corrodes. The corrosion inside the boiler will cause weakening of the tanks and the pipes over time and lead to leakages.

Often, corrosion occurs in valves and pipes that you can easily replace. However, if you don’t address the corrosion instantly, it might cause additional damage to the boiler.

3. Incorrect Pipe Fitting

Pipes are an essential part of the boilers, and when technicians install them incorrectly, they can lead to water leakages. Incorrect pipe fitting tends to be a common issue, and it’s one of the primary causes of water leakages. In case of incorrect pipe fitting, a technician can reinstall the pipes during maintenance, before they cause further damage.

Boilers are expensive, which is why leakages will make you uneasy. However, some causes of water leakages are manageable, and you can seek the assistance of a professional to correct them. For AC installation, repair, upgrading and maintenance services in Fern Creek, KY, don’t hesitate to contact us today at KLM Heating & Cooling.

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