AC Odors in Lyndon, KY

4 Causes of Odors Coming From Your AC in Lyndon, KY

August 16, 2022

When your air conditioner puts out strange odors, that’s a sign you need an expert to inspect and fix the underlying issue. Even worse, some terrible AC odors are toxic, making your home unhealthy, so they’ll require urgent attention. Read on to learn about smells coming from the air conditioner in your Lyndon, KY home, the causes, and what to do.

1. The Smell of Feet

You’ll notice the smell of feet from your AC when you have issues with a dirty air filter. When water sits around the system and fails to drain properly, it collects and causes this AC odor. You can eliminate this smell and protect your air conditioner from damage by hiring an expert for professional cleaning.

2. Exhaust Fumes

You probably have a refrigerant leak if your AC produces the smell of exhaust fumes. A refrigerant leak can shorten your AC’s lifespan and is hazardous to your family. You need to schedule an AC repair appointment with your service technician to fix the leak and refill the refrigerant levels.

3. Burning Smells

Air conditioners have several electrical components, including power wires, the compressor, the circuit board, and fans. The smell of burning plastic or gunpowder could indicate that one or more of your AC’s electrical components is burning. If this happens, turn off your air conditioner and call your HVAC professional for solutions rather than attempting a DIY repair job.

4. Skunk Smell

You need to shut off your gas line and call the experts if your AC vents produce a skunk smell. The smell typically indicates a gas leak getting into the ductwork, which you should treat as an emergency. It ensures that our technicians will detect your AC as soon as possible and provide you with a solution to prevent serious harm.

Take action immediately if you notice these strange AC odors. You need experienced service technicians to determine the source of the AC smell and to get rid of it immediately. Call KLM Heating & Cooling to schedule an AC installation appointment with our HVAC professionals.

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