Commercial Boiler in Hurstbourne, KY

5 Reasons Your Commercial Boiler Is Making Weird Sounds in Hurstbourne, KY

December 18, 2020

As a business owner in Hurstbourne, KY, having an efficient and effective heating system helps you maintain a comfortable environment for clients and promotes productivity. Boilers are among the sturdiest and most powerful heating systems on the market, but they can still encounter issues that will require professional repairs. If you hear any of the noises listed below, it could be time to call a professional heating contractor for maintenance or repair services.

1. Banging

Banging noises often come from a buildup of grime on the heat exchanger or a buildup of mineral deposits in the water tank. With older boilers and in areas with hard water, mineral deposit buildup happens more frequently. A professional technician can diagnose the problem and explain your options for correcting it.

2. Gurgling

Air bubbles in the pipes typically cause a gurgling noise. This impacts the boiler’s ability to heat the building and can cause hot and cold spots throughout your business. Call a professional to take care of the issue and get the gurgling to stop.

3. Loud Humming

Humming could stem from intense pressure, so it’s best to have your business’s boiler valves checked and adjusted by a professional. Humming noises can also be indicative of loose connections or worn-out parts. A qualified boiler technician can pinpoint the cause4 and provide a lasting solution.

4. Rumbling

Rumbling noises from your boiler are also caused by mineral deposits building up inside the heat exchanger. The deposit buildup restricts or blocks water, which causes the water to evaporate, which then creates steam, impacting indoor air quality. If you hear rumbling, shut the boiler off immediately, and call a professional.

5. Whistling

Whistling is another indication of a buildup of mineral deposits blocking water flow in the heat exchanger. When heat expands, it traps air in the system, causing steam and a whistling noise. It’s also another sound where you should immediately shut off the boiler and call a professional.

If your boiler produces any of these strange sounds, don’t wait. Contact KLM Heating & Cooling today to have one of our dedicated, knowledgeable professionals look at your boilers to avoid future headaches.

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