Spring AC Issues in Louisville, KY

7 Top AC Issues That Pop Up In The Spring in Louisville, KY

March 26, 2021

As winter winds down here in Louisville, KY, it’s time to prepare for the warmer weather. Start by making sure that the air conditioner is in good shape to provide the needed comfort. Here are some common AC issues that may arise during the spring season.

1. Dirty Air Filter

If you’re using disposable air filters, replace them monthly. If neglected, they may clog with dirt, which will restrict airflow and force your system to run more than it should. It may also allow dirt and other air pollutants to enter your home and lower your indoor air quality.

These air pollutants, if inhaled, cause health complications, such as allergies and asthma. Additionally, airflow problems lead to expensive monthly bills and may reduce the service life of your system. Therefore, to prevent such issues, schedule maintenance service during this transitional period.

2. Duct Leaks

The duct system is the pathway that your HVAC system uses to move conditioned air across your home. Although ductwork lasts for a long time, it may develop holes and cracks that leak conditioned air. If these leaks are outside your living space, you’re essentially heating and cooling the outdoors.

If the leaks are on the return ducts, the system pulls in unfiltered and unconditioned air. Duct leakages are among the leading causes of AC inefficiencies and reduced home comfort. For this reason, HVAC experts recommend scheduling spring maintenance services to mitigate such problems before the summer heat arrives.

3. Refrigerant Leaks

Your air conditioner uses a refrigerant solution running through a conduit to cool your home. Due to many reasons, the conduit line may develop holes that leak refrigerant. When this happens, your AC won’t effectively cool your home, but you’ll still incur energy bills.

Additionally, leaking refrigerant is harmful to the environment. If you suspect that your system has such leaks, contact a service technician for inspections and repairs. The technician will also refill the refrigerant to recommended levels.

4. Tripped Breaker

One of the leading causes of service calls during spring is a tripped circuit breaker. Breakers protect your system against high voltage by disconnecting power. You can flip the breaker if it trips once, but you should call a professional if it continues to trip.

Because of this, it may trip accidentally during winter, which means your AC won’t turn on when you need it. Luckily, the issue doesn’t require a trained technician to solve it. If your system fails to turn on, check the breaker before making a call to your contractor.

5. Problems with the Thermostat

The old thermostat model requires manual switching from heating to cooling. Now that the weather is getting warmer, you have to switch it to cooling mode. However, you may experience problems with the thermostat such that it fails to switch on the AC.

You may also notice that the temperature calibration on it differs from the actual indoor temperature. Such problems are indications that you need a new thermostat. Contact your HVAC technicians for a new programmable thermostat.

6. Dirty Evaporator and Condenser Coils

Your AC comes with an indoor air handler that contains an evaporator coil. The coil has a liquid refrigerant that draws heat from the air blowing on it. With time, the coil may accumulate dust and dirt, which reduces its ability to transfer heat energy.

As a result, your comfort level reduces while increasing the operational cost. Your AC also comes with an outdoor unit that contains a condenser coil.

Here, the coil condenses the hot refrigerant from the evaporator. Over time it also becomes dirty, which leads to reduced efficiency and higher bills. With regular maintenance, however, the coils stay clean.

7. Clogged Condensate Drain

Apart from cooling your home, an AC also reduces moisture. The moisture drains out of your house through a drain line. However, the line may develop algae that prevent proper drainage and cause water damage.

During spring tune-ups, we inspect and clean the system. This way, you can prevent damages that are expensive to repair.

Spring is the best time to schedule maintenance since the technician will give your AC maximum attention. For more information about HVAC maintenance, contact the team at KLM Heating & Cooling.

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