Commercial Boiler Upgrade in Hurstbourne, KY

3 Benefits of Upgrading Your Commercial Boiler in Hurstbourne, KY

November 16, 2020

Once a commercial boiler reaches a certain age, it’s best to upgrade it. New boilers debut every year, and they have great features that typically outshine the heating options by older hardware. In this guide, you’ll discover three reasons why you’ll benefit from upgrading the boiler for your business in Hurstbourne, KY.

Better Efficiency

If you have a non-condensing boiler system, it’s probably wasting a lot of energy. This type of boiler doesn’t heat up spaces efficiently because of its design. During a heating cycle, it pushes hot air throughout a space well; however, as this happens, most of the hot air escapes out of a chimney flue.

On average, a non-condensing boiler’s efficiency ranges from 60% to 70%, which is a problem because there are better boilers that operate at a higher efficiency. For example, a hydronic boiler has a 98% efficiency rating, so you may want to consider it when you upgrade.

Lower Energy Costs

Because newer boilers have a better efficiency rating, they’re able to heat spaces in a cost-effective manner. From a financial standpoint, you’ll appreciate how new equipment absorbs heat if you upgrade to a condensing boiler. Thanks to thermal efficiency, a condensing boiler effectively recycles heat, which is beneficial because the process of reusing heat lowers energy costs.

Enhanced Comfort and Safety

An upgrade is highly recommended if you have an old boiler. You shouldn’t continue to use an old boiler once its performance starts to decline. If every space in your building has poor air quality, your old boiler is probably the source of the problem. After you upgrade your boiler, the new hardware will boost comfort and safety while improving the air quality.

Call KLM Heating and Cooling today and let us install a new commercial boiler in your building. We provide great energy-efficient boilers by Thane.

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