Common Commercial Refrigeration Problems in Louisville, KY

Common Commercial Refrigeration Problems in Louisville, KY

December 29, 2021

Regardless of the kind of restaurant you run, you don’t want a failing commercial refrigeration system. Refrigeration malfunctions can easily lead to temporary shutdowns, and so it’s essential to have a professional conduct maintenance regularly to recognize and correct any underlying issues. Below are some problems common among commercial refrigeration systems in Louisville, KY.

Problematic Evaporator Fan

When the evaporator fan does not function correctly, it can cause ice to build up throughout the refrigerator system. A professional technician will switch off the refrigerator to let the ice melt before cleaning the coils and checking the drain lines to ensure that there aren’t any blockages.

Sometimes just a section of your evaporator coil freezes over due to low refrigerant charge. A professional technician can recharge the refrigerant, then check the refrigerant level and pressure to make sure that they are correct.

Temperature Problems

You know you have a problem when your refrigerator fails to maintain proper temperature, leaving your food cold. This malfunction can result from a problematic thermostat, a faulty compressor, limited airflow, dirty fans, or refrigerant leaks. Preventive maintenance can help you identify and fix the precise issue in time, helping you avoid high utility bills and expensive repairs or replacements.

Unusual Noises

Odd sounds besides the standard humming typically produced by a refrigerator indicate a problem in your system. The unusual noises can come from various issues, such as compressor failure or a misaligned fan motor. It’s best to contact your Louisville, KY, technician immediately when you notice the odd sounds to avoid catastrophic failures and the temporary closing of your business.

We have a professional team of qualified and certified technicians to offer trustworthy and efficient repair, installation, and maintenance services. We also provide free estimates concerning system replacements. Call us at KLM Heating & Cooling today for more details and get quality commercial refrigeration services for your restaurant.

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