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Is a Heat Pump the Best Choice for Your Home?

March 18, 2020

If you’re looking for a new climate control system for your home, you’ve undoubtedly heard all about heat pumps. These innovative systems offer high-efficiency heating and cooling in a single package, making them an increasingly popular choice for Hurstbourne, KY homeowners. Consider these three important factors when you’re evaluating whether a heat pump is right for your home.

Location, Location, Location

Heat pumps work well under most circumstances, but they become less effective when air temperatures plummet. As a result, your location and local climate play a major role in determining whether a heat pump makes sense. The Hurstbourne area typically sees hot, muggy summers and relatively cool winters, but truly frigid weather is rare. This makes the area suitable for heat pumps, though you may consider adding a backup heating source for more complete coverage.

Do the Math on Heat Pump Efficiency

Compared to other alternatives, heat pumps tend to be slightly more costly to purchase and install. However, upfront costs are only part of the equation. Thanks to their exceptional efficiency, heat pumps offer long-term savings that can more than offset the difference in the initial cost difference. With proper installation of quality HVAC equipment, heat pumps can save up to $526 per year on average energy costs. With a typical lifespan of at least 15 years, that could mean nearly $8,000 in total savings. A knowledgeable HVAC professional can help you more accurately estimate your potential savings.

Consider Your Cooling Options

As an all-in-one solution, a heat pump is an ideal choice if you need both heating and cooling for your home. If you already have a cooling system in place, consider whether it makes sense to replace it. In general, it’s worth replacing air conditioners that are more than 10 years old, have low SEER ratings, or require frequent repairs. If your AC system fits the bill, a heat pump could solve all your climate control problems. Otherwise, a furnace may be a more practical choice.

It’s easy to see why a heat pump is a winning choice for many Kentucky homeowners. To explore whether it’s the right option for your home, give us a call to check out KLM Heating & Cooling’s quality HVAC equipment and professional heat pump services.

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