whole-home generators in Fern Creek, KY

Whole-Home Generators and What They Have to Offer

March 1, 2020

From crippling ice storms to widespread flooding and devastating tornadoes, Fern Creek, KY is no stranger to severe weather. When a natural disaster strikes, homeowners can quickly find themselves without electricity for prolonged periods of time. Portable generators can offer temporary relief, but for true protection, whole-home generators offer advantages that can’t be topped.

Safe and Secure Standby Power

Portable generators can produce plenty of power, but they also produce carbon monoxide and other hazardous fumes. In some cases, they can also pose fire hazards and electrocution risks. In fact, they can even be deadly if they aren’t used safely and responsibly. By comparison, properly installed whole-home generators are virtually worry-free. You can enjoy standby power for as long as necessary without worrying about breathing fumes, running extension cords, or spilling flammable fuel.

Steady and Reliable Protection

Losing power is disruptive on its own, but it can lead to even greater consequences over time. Spoiled food is all but inevitable during a prolonged outage. Vital, health-sustaining medical equipment may be disrupted by a blackout. In the winter, losing power can increase the risk of frozen water pipes. Fortunately, whole-home generators make these worries a thing of the past. Even when you’re asleep or away from home, standby generators automatically start supplying electricity in the event of an outage. Once the power is restored, a transfer switch safely and seamlessly connects your home back to the grid.

Complete Convenience and Independence

If you’re like most people, your daily life is almost entirely dependent on the electrical grid. As a result, even a short-term disruption can throw everything into chaos. A backup generator allows you to break free of this dependence and continue living normally in the face of power outages. As long as you have a fuel supply, you’ll have the same comforts and conveniences you always enjoy.

Whether you call them whole-home generators, standby generators, or backup generators, these dynamos offer unbeatable peace of mind. For professional installation and expert assistance, be sure to explore KLM Heating & Cooling’s whole-home generator services or simply give us a call .

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