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Carbon Monoxide Monitor Installation

Understand The Risks

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas that can be created inside your home just by using your kitchen stove. It is especially dangerous to infants and children, the elderly or ill, and even your pets. Low levels can cause sickness, while higher levels can lead to death just minutes after exposure.

Know What You Need

Because you can’t see or smell carbon monoxide, it’s important to use a quality monitor inside your home to detect and alert you to its presence. Most commercial home detectors can only identify carbon monoxide when levels have already become dangerous.

Keep Your Family Safe

Our affordable, professional-grade NSI 3000 Carbon Monoxide Monitor alerts you to carbon monoxide inside your home before it reaches dangerous levels. It identifies carbon monoxide at 5 parts per million as soon as detected, while most commercial home detectors can only identify carbon monoxide at 60 parts per million after 4 hours of exposure.

Install My New Home Carbon Monoxide Monitor