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Comprehensive heating, cooling, and ventilation services for Louisville and the Ohio Valley.

11216 Decimal Drive, Louisville, KY 40299

Tel:  (502) 955-2062


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Smart Thermostat Installation

The Latest In Home Comfort Technology, With Smart Benefits

A Wi-Fi home thermostat from Nexia lets you take control of your home’s heating and cooling with ease and efficiency from the convenience of your smart phone or device. It easily connects to your home’s internet signal, and you’ll be able to monitor and adjust every aspect of your home HVAC system with just a few taps.

Anywhere Control

Nexia smart thermostats are the state-of-the-art solution to managing your home’s temperature and keeping your utility bills low while you’re away. No matter where you are in the world, if you’ve got an internet signal, you’re in control of your home’s HVAC.

Total Home HVAC Control

Nexia thermostats are just the beginning of a total smart home at your fingertips. Learn about more groundbreaking Nexia components like smart lights, locks, and security cameras, and start building your total smart home today!

Install My Nexia Smart Thermostat