Ductless Systems in Louisville, KY

Do Ductless Systems Improve Indoor Air Quality in Louisville, KY?

August 11, 2020

With increasing temperatures and possible pollution risks in Louisville, KY, indoor air quality has turned into a major issue. However, most HVAC systems may help in combating indoor air contamination. But can ductless air conditioners improve air quality?

How HVAC Units Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Because IAQ has a major impact on your quality of life, you must take precautionary measures. These actions should reduce the negative effects of indoor air pollution. Among the best equipment to improve air quality indoor is the HVAC system.

The AC system helps in controlling and removing particulates using the in-built air filters. For instance, if the HVAC unit has a dehumidifier, it keeps indoor humidity low.

High humidity in the home is a problem for some individuals, especially those with acute/chronic respiratory conditions. Hence, you can depend on an effective air conditioning unit to keep moisture at bay, reducing the growth of microorganisms.

How Indoor Air Quality Affects You

How can indoor air quality impact your health? Based on a study, bad indoor air results in half of all ailments.

When indoor air quality meets health standards, this can benefit the health and well-being of everyone in the home. Having an effective HVAC system has a vital role in making sure that the air in the home is not just clean but also safe.

How Ductless Systems Help in Promoting Healthy Indoor Air

Ductless mini-split units distribute and condition air without the necessity for ducts. Thus, this type of system eliminates all channel-related problems, which makes ductless systems the best resolution for most applications. Here are some of the main advantages of this kind of system.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Several studies have shown that indoor air quality is often worse compared to outdoor air quality. Enclosed rooms are particularly problematic, especially living areas that use conventional air conditioning systems.

Because ductless systems don’t need ducts, enhanced air purification minimizes the likelihood of indoor air contamination by contaminants. Ductless systems do not circulate or collect air pollutants, minimizing common particulates and considerably improving in-house air quality.

Another important benefit of ductless systems over ducted systems is that ducts are prone to damage or disconnection. When this takes place, the air conditioning escapes and enters unwanted rooms.

This means you pay more for chilled air you don’t use. Damaged ducts also make channels vulnerable to contaminants that can enter channels and mix with circulated air.

Absence of Ducts

A ductless mini-split unit distributes air right into an enclosed room rather than pushing it through a duct system. As such, cleaning and maintenance are easier. This kind of configuration eliminates all the problems related to the accumulation of pollutants in the channels.

Since ductwork is not required, ductless units do not need much pre-installation work to incorporate duct supplies. A ductless unit simplifies cooling problems by saving space.

Enhanced Efficiency

All HVAC devices have an efficiency ranking. For instance, an air conditioner utilizes a SEER rating or the periodic energy efficiency ratio. A greater SEER rating is a sign that the device or equipment needs less energy.

Because of their design, ductless systems are more effective than conventional channel HVAC systems. Since you require less energy to distribute air than circulation channels, you save more on energy consumption.

Ductless systems also provide several technological advantages. These systems have not only effective air filters but also have variable-speed motors. Additionally, you can configure these motors to match your desired cooling requirements automatically.

Ductless Systems Offer More Flexibility

Installation of ductless air controls can be almost anywhere, whether it’s on a wall, part of the ceiling or directly above the floor. This elasticity permits you to plan locations carefully to ensure optimum airflow, efficiency and accessibility for operation, cleaning and maintenance.

We are certain that the last thing you wish to occur on a summer’s day in Louisville, KY, is for your ductless system to malfunction completely. Our experts focus on energy-efficient repairs, installation and maintenance that benefit your household. You can discover more about KLM Heating & Cooling indoor air quality services in Louisville online or by contacting us.

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