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Comprehensive heating, cooling, and ventilation services for Louisville and the Ohio Valley.

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Geothermal Heating And Air Conditioning Installation

Get Constant Clean Energy

A geothermal heating and air conditioning system uses heat in the ground for energy rather than relying on an outdoor unit that is exposed to harsh outside conditions.

How Is That Possible?

While the air temperature outside changes from day to day and season to season, the ground temperature a few feet below your home is relatively constant. It’s why the temperature and humidity inside a cave is so stable – and comfortable. Transferring heat between the ground and your home means you get clean, renewable heating and air conditioning.

Added Bonus

A geothermal HVAC will even help heat the water for your entire house.

See Green

By replacing your traditional furnace and air conditioner with a geothermal system, you won’t just help save the planet, you’ll save money on your energy bills!

Install My Geothermal HVAC System