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How to Choose the Right Size Generator for Your Fern Creek, KY House

October 14, 2020

No one wants to be stuck in a power outage in Fern Creek, KY, and waiting helplessly for the electricity to come back on. A generator can give you peace of mind but selecting the right size generator for your house is still a significant concern. Here is a guide on some of the key things that you need to know before purchasing a generator to power your whole home.

Frequency of Outages

The correct size of the generator that you are going to pick partly depends on the frequency of power outages that take place in your area. Therefore, the very first move in finding the correct size generator for your household is to identify how often you expect to use it.

More frequent blackouts happen if you reside in a location that is vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, including blizzard conditions, hurricanes, and thunderstorms. It becomes far worse when those outages become protracted.

Such situations call for automatic standby units, which should have enough power to drive your whole household. They will attach straight to the power supply panel in your home, enabling you to monitor and operate hardwired appliances.

Occasional Electricity Outages

If you only experience such a problem rarely, having a generator to power your house temporarily will still be helpful. A recreational or mid-sized generator system can serve you well during emergencies.

Mid-sized inverters provide enough support for powering a refrigerator and a heater or AC unit. Moreover, recreational generators are small enough to run a television and a stove.

If you only experience occasional outages, a portable system may be able to handle the job efficiently. If it is not often for these outages to be continuous or prolonged, so you may not want to invest as much on a standby generator for your house.


How much power do you need? Knowing the answer to this question can make your choice between the different sizes of generators available much easier. If you are looking for the right-sized generator for your home, add the wattage of all the appliances that you want to run through your generator in case of an outage.

However, prior to calculating, it is vital for you to bear in mind that specific machines, such as air conditioners and refrigerators, consume more wattage while turning on. To select the appropriate options, you will have to quantify the amount of wattage your hardwired machines need during startup as well. Here are three simple steps that can help you in calculating the wattage.

Step 1

At this very first step, you will have to make a list of all the appliances that you want your generator to power. Making a list and reviewing it will help you decide what you would absolutely need in an emergency. Your list may include devices such as a washing machine, dryer, air conditioner, fridge, etc.

Step 2

It is crucial for you to consider the starting wattage of all your appliances. Ignoring this point can result in the purchase of a wrongly sized generator.

Initial wattage is also recognized as surge wattage. This refers to the power consumption that an appliance needs when it first starts up. Usually, surge wattage is two or three times higher than the operating wattage of a certain appliance.

Step 3

Now, add up the wattage of each appliance and use the calculated estimate to help find yourself the right size generator for your home. It is important to remember that following the above steps will result in only an estimated calculation. To be sure, you can consult a professional electrician.

Contact the HVAC maintenance professionals at KLM Heating & Cooling for more help selecting the right whole-home generator. Our friendly technicians will assist you in assessing your needs and budget to choose an appropriate model. Our goal is to keep your home comfortable during a power outage. You can always count on us for expertise and excellent customer service.

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