furnace noises in Fern Creek, KY

Is Your Furnace Screaming For Help in Fern Creek, KY?

January 29, 2021

The cold and dry winters of Fern Creek, KY, require you to keep a close eye on the furnace. If your furnace is screaming for help, call an HVAC service provider immediately so you don’t have to bear the brunt of the harsh winter without a properly function heater. Here are five types of common noises that you might hear from a furnace that is about to break down.

1. Scrapping

If you hear a scraping or a grinding sound, it’s likely due to the metal rubbing against metal. In many cases, the culprit is a blower wheel.

A blower wheel is a round component, which moves large volumes of air through the system. If the blower wheel gets loose, it can hit the blower housing creating the scrapping noise. Sometimes, dry bearings of a blower wheel can also cause such noises.

2. Rumbling

If you hear a low rumbling sound, it’s caused by the fuel that continues to burn in the combustion chamber. The root cause of the problem is usually a faulty flame sensor or a pilot light. After hearing the noise, you should call a reputable HVAC service provider because such problems can often cause toxic carbon monoxide to leak.

3. Squealing

A squealing is often a very high-pitch sound that is easily audible from a distance. The squealing is due to the fan belt or the loose blower belt. Tightening the belt and applying a lubricant will solve the problem.

4. Whistling

A blockage of airflow will cause the furnace to whistle. The most likely cause is a dirty air filter blocking the airflow.

In certain circumstances, an object in the duct system obstructs the airflow. Similarly, closed vents and dampers can also cause the furnace to produce whistling sounds.

5. Clunking

A furnace fan often generates a constant clunking sound. If the blower fan does not align properly, the fan blade will hit the wall, creating a clunking sound. A loose fan belt can also create a clunking sound.

If your furnace is screaming, get help. We offer 24/7 repairs and HVAC emergency services. Call KLM Heating & Cooling for all your furnace repair and installation needs.

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