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Comprehensive heating, cooling, and ventilation services for Louisville and the Ohio Valley.

11216 Decimal Drive, Louisville, KY 40299

Tel:  (502) 955-2062


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Avoid A Meltdown

Regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system doesn’t just help you keep your home comfortable…

It can:

  • lower your utility bills

  • increase the life of your equipment

  • maintain your factory warranties


And save you from expensive emergency repair jobs.

Keep My HVAC System Running Smoothly

Day or night, rain or shine, the highly trained HVAC experts at KLM are always just a phone call away.

CALL NOW! (502) 955-2062

Save Money & Stay Comfy With The KLM Discount Club

Members of the KLM Discount Club enjoy:

  • 15% off all repairs

  • 5% off new equipment

  • 0 overtime charges

  • priority service


Every KLM Discount Club member receives a complete HVAC maintenance inspection twice a year to ensure clean and healthy home air. We’ll test for carbon monoxide, check the combustion air, and determine your system performance S.C.O.R.E.

KLM Bucks

Get a $35 credit for each year you renew your KLM maintenance agreement.

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CALL NOW! (502) 955-2062