Smart Thermostats and Zoned Heating and Cooling Systems

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Today’s WiFi-operated smart thermostats and state-of-the-art zoned heating and cooling technologies are modern HVAC options that make it easier than ever to take control of your family’s indoor comfort. At KLM Heating & Cooling, we offer smart thermostat installation services to help you get on the road to keeping every part of your home at an optimal level of comfort in winter and summer.

Smart Thermostat Technology: The Intelligent Home Comfort Option

A smart thermostat offers multiple benefits that make it a wise choice for many modern households. Increased energy efficiency, more consistent indoor comfort, and greater control over the temperature in each room of your home are just a few of the advantages of this advanced thermostat technology. Among the most valued features, these thermostat models offer, which directly contribute to increased comfort, convenience, and control, are the following:

  • Internal or external sensors that allow the unit to detect current conditions and adjust heating and cooling accordingly
  • High-tech “learning” technology that detects your family’s comfort preferences and home comfort habits and incorporates them into the unit’s programming
  • WiFi-enabled remote control capabilities that allow you to monitor and adjust your system’s operation while you’re away from home

Greater Control with WiFi Thermostat Models

Today’s WiFi-capable thermostats offer an unprecedented degree of control over your home’s temperature. These state-of-the-art units can be controlled remotely, from on or off the premises, via the internet, using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. This technology gives you the versatility you need to ensure that every corner of your home is kept at the right temperature — or brought back to the right temperature before you arrive home from school, work, shopping or vacation.

Maximizing Comfort with Zoned Heating and Cooling

At KLM Heating & Cooling, we provide professional installation of your WiFi-enabled thermostat or other smart HVAC control unit. Our knowledgeable comfort specialists can help you develop a zoned heating and cooling strategy that uses smart HVAC control technology to keep every room in your home at an optimal level of comfort for you and your family.

Our goal is to bring the best that modern technology has to offer to every KLM Heating & Cooling customer. We believe that once you’ve seen what smart WiFi technology can do for your family’s comfort, you may just be ready to explore some of the other smart home solutions that can even further simplify your life.

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