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Keeping the power flowing is critical to protecting your family’s comfort and maintaining the convenience of your daily routine. At KLM Heating & Cooling, we carry whole-home generators that provide the dependable backup power you need to keep your Louisville area home well-lit and all your most essential devices operating until the electricity is back up and running again.

Automate Your Electrical Backup with a Standby Whole-House Generator

The easiest way to make sure your home’s electrical system will continue running smoothly during a power outage is to invest in a standby generator. Standby home generators connect to your home’s electrical panel and remain on standby until they are needed. If a storm or some other issue knocks out the power, this type of backup generator turns on automatically, delivering the needed electrical current to your home without requiring you to initiate the process.

This type of generator is the easiest kind to use, though it does require professional installation to ensure that it’s properly and safely connected. At KLM Heating & Cooling, our expert installers will see to it that your whole-house generator is ready to go when you need it.

Opting to Use a Standby Whole-Home Generator Instead of a Portable Model

Depending on your family’s needs and budget — and your level of skill in hooking up a generator when the need arises — some people may opt for a portable backup generator that costs less than a standby model. When it comes to this option, there are a couple of things you should remember.

First, these devices require more hands-on knowledge and work, since you must hook them up each time you use them. Additionally, portable generators don’t provide nearly as much electricity as whole-home models. While portable models can supply power to only few appliances, whole-home generators do just as the name implies.

Be Prepared when Stormy Weather Strikes

The greater Louisville area experiences its share of storms and power outages. That susceptibility makes local homeowners prime candidates for the quality home generators we carry. At KLM Heating & Cooling, we can help you select the right generator for your family’s needs and make it part of a smart plan for keeping the electricity flowing when the power goes out. Give us a call today to start putting that backup plan in motion.

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