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When you invite an HVAC contractor into your home, you need to know what you’re getting. With KLM Heating & Cooling, you’re getting extensive training, unfailing professionalism, and decades of award-winning service.

Total Comfort and Air Quality Services

At KLM Heating & Cooling, we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing correctly. That’s why we offer a full slate of services for all your comfort and air quality needs. Our skilled service technicians install Trane heating and air conditioning systems, indoor air quality solutions, smart thermostats, and more. We carefully follow all manufacturer specifications and best practices to ensure that every installation is ready to deliver optimal performance. We also have a team of experienced, responsive comfort specialists to assist with any questions or concerns during the installation process.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services at the Ready

If you’ve noticed your heater or air conditioner behaving oddly, don’t wait around to see what happens. Ignoring an HVAC system in need can lead to wasted energy, mounting repair costs, and potentially permanent damage. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, let KLM Heating & Cooling give your system the care it needs. Our talented service technicians are trained to accurately diagnose HVAC problems and repair them using proven techniques and quality parts.

Scheduled Air Conditioning Service in Hurstbourne, KY

At KLM Heating & Cooling, we know that no one likes to spend money unnecessarily. That’s why our favorite system replacements and repairs are the ones we don’t need to make. If you’re happy with your existing HVAC system, our preventive maintenance services can help you keep it as long as possible. During each scheduled visit, our technicians closely inspect your equipment and complete a variety of essential maintenance tasks. With our expert care, your climate control system can last longer, run more efficiently and experience fewer costly malfunctions.

When it comes to heating and cooling your home, why trust anyone but a proven local contractor? At KLM Heating & Cooling, we’re proud to serve the people of Hurstbourne, Bellemeade, and surrounding communities.

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