4 Signs Your Furnace is Inefficient in St. Matthews, KY

November 8, 2022

Every homeowner requires an efficiently working heating system to maintain favorable temperatures during the cold season. Unfortunately, the unit gradually undergoes wear and tear, which reduces its efficiency. The following are signs of an inefficient furnace in St. Matthews, KY:

Significant Increase in Utility Bills

Are you experiencing an inexplicable increase in energy bills? An increase in energy consumption results from inefficiency, which forces the furnace to overwork. Consequently, the unit uses more energy to attain the desired temperature; this can translate into higher utility costs.

Frequent Furnace Repairs

Your unit will likely develop mechanical issues that require repairs. However, they shouldn’t be frequent. Calling your contractor more often shows that the system is inefficient and can no longer operate at maximum level.

Need for regular fixing may occur due to system aging. It would be best to acquire a new unit to resolve the problem.

Unusual Sounds

If your furnace is in good working order, it’s likely to produce a slight humming sound. Strange noises, such as chattering from the relays, show that the unit has an electrical problem. Sounds like banging and puffing indicate a delayed ignition.

A rattling sound shows loose or worn-out components in different unit parts. Reach out to a professional immediately after you hear the weird noises. They will inspect the system and determine when the issues require repair or replacement.

Orange or Yellow Flames

An effectively functioning furnace burns a blue flame. It should be sharp, clean and stable. Your system has a critical concern if it produces a yellow or orange flame.

This indicates that the burner is dirty and prevents gas and air from mixing accordingly. As a result, the unit doesn’t convert all the fuel into heat, thus wasting much of it. Call a service technician to clean and fix the issue to promote efficiency.

We offer professional residential and commercial heating services. Furthermore, our team of experts has proper knowledge and experience to service all makes and models. Contact KLM Heating & Cooling for furnace repair and maintenance services in St. Matthews, KY, and the surrounding cities.

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