Commercial Oven in Mount Washington, KY

Troubleshooting a Commercial Oven That Won’t Heat in Mount Washington, KY

April 29, 2021

A commercial oven is generally the epicenter of a professional kitchen. When a problem arises and the oven is no longer heating properly, there are several possible reasons as to why. All of the following are situations that a local Mount Washington, KY specialist can address.

Thermostat Issues

If food isn’t reaching its desired temperature, one potential problem could be the thermostat. An indicator of this being the case is that the oven begins to heat, yet it won’t get hot enough to thoroughly cook food.

When this occurs, it could be time to replace the thermostat. If you suspect this may be the issue, installing a new thermostat can help.

Pilot Light

If your pilot light is going out or not lighting altogether, the following causes may be at play. The gas hose may not be currently connected properly, the gas valve may have closed, or the valve may not be completely opened. You may also have a broken igniter, or the thermocouple could have broken or may require adjustment.

Just like troubleshooting the flame on a commercial heater, we can help to figure out your issue and solve it quickly. Even though issues like this only tend to affect one burner at a time, you need to repair them quickly in a busy kitchen.

Unevenly Cooked Food

If it appears not to be so much a temperature issue but your food cooks unevenly, a few potential situations could be happening. You may have damaged heating elements or temperature sensors.

Another possibility is that the thermostat was previously not installed correctly. One common installation issue is that during a thermostat replacement the capillary tube bulb may not be set properly and could need an adjustment

With any of these possible issues, your local HVAC specialist at KLM Heating & Cooling can help to get your commercial oven working properly, so be sure to book an appointment with our trusted team soon. Your commercial kitchen will be back to its best as quickly as possible.

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